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Lloydminster Directory – A Little About Lloydminster……

Lloydminster Directory - Business DirectoriesWith one municipal administration, Lloydminster is a geographically unique city that spans both provinces’ borders. 

A provincial border runs north-south along 50th Avenue (Meridian Avenue) in the center of the city. Meridian Avenue, north of the Yellowhead Highway, is the main street for downtown businesses and stores. There are also businesses along streets that cross east-west. West of 50th Avenue, addresses are considered to be in Alberta, and east of 50th Avenue they are considered to be in Saskatchewan. You can find many of those businesses listed in our Lloydminster directory.

The township is bordered in the west by Vermilion River County, Alberta, in the northeast by Britannia Rural Municipality No. 502, Saskatchewan, and in the southeast by Wilton Rural Municipality No. 472, Saskatchewan. In the Alberta region, most of the retail properties serving the city, including larger stores, gas stations, and hotels, can be found west of Meridian Avenue along the Yellowhead Highway, and south of it along 50th Avenue.

Aside from its unique location, Lloydminster’s time zone is also noteworthy. The majority of Saskatchewan doesn’t observe daylight saving time and stays on Central Standard Time. The observation of daylight saving time is mandatory in Alberta, however. Keeping time in Lloydminster synchronized with the rest of the province is a requirement of the city’s charter. Therefore, Lloydminster and the surrounding areas are considered part of the Mountain Time Zone. In the summer, the city uses Mountain Daylight Time, while the rest of Saskatchewan uses Central Standard Time. During the winter months, Lloydminster observes Mountain Standard Time, along with the rest of Alberta.

Local economies are primarily driven by petroleum industries. Agricultural production remains a major contributor to the economy. As well as Husky Lloydminster Refinery, this community is home to several other businesses. Currently, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the only sales tax applicable in Alberta. In order to prevent businesses from moving to Alberta in favour of lower prices, PST is not applied to the Saskatchewan side of the city except for hotels, vehicle registration, and utility services.

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The Lloydminster Directory is privately owned and is not a government resource nor is it funded by any municipal entity. The Lloydminster Directory aims to provide the local residents and those looking to visit Lloydminster with quality information about the local business landscape. The Lloydminster Directory is part of the LloydminsterToday.com family of websites which is owned by FVWD Enterprises. If you have questions about the Lloydminster Directory, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time through our online contact form. Get Your Business Listed in the Lloydminster Directory Today!

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